Message from the Congress Chair

Dear Young Researchers,

A notable part of the international students that come to Turkey to pursue higher education are enrolled in graduate programs. Graduate education, Master and PhD degrees, which are the continuation of undergraduate education, consists of scientific research and application. Graduate education is the highest level of education and is a means of development of science and technology, responsible for promoting and spreading of intellectual thinking and increasing the knowledge of the people. Establishing research centers and institutions in areas of need and interest, and bringing up specialists and academicians in those topics is one of the fundamental aims of graduate education.

In this context, the international graduate students in Turkey, are the ones who will carry on with this mission in their own countries, where most probably they are to turn back and take on the academic life. These students will return to their countries well equipped with the scientific and visionary baggage.

As Izmir International Student Association, we decided to organize this congress with the aim to offer young researchers a place and means to share and discuss the results of their works. We aim to provide both the experience of a scientific congress, and an opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world and to participate in informal conversations about academia and research. We hope to be contributing in the development and progress of our young researcher friends.

International Students Science Congress, organized for the 8th time for students of Natural and Applied Science programs, is arranged ONLINE in Ege University. We are pleased to host all the graduate students in our congress.

With my warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Çevik
Chair of the Organizing Committee