İzmir International Student Association

İzmir International Student Association is an international student association established in 2011 to volunteer for international students who prefer our city İzmir to take university education from different geographical regions.

Our country has a wonderful history and a great civilization heritage. Our society, with this heritage, has been interacting with various cultures and civilizations throughout the world from the past to the present day. Therefore, we are not unfamiliar to the civilizations of the world and the people who originate in the formation of these civilizations. For this reason, we do not consider students from all over the world who come to our country for education  as foreigners. Rather, we call them “international or guest students”.

The aim of our association is to make our international students “volunteer civilian ambassadors” who have a universal fraternity consciousness under the roof of our association, are equipped with basic religious information, recognize the modern world and world system, have high organizational ability, aware of the situation of their country and needs, understand the main points of Islamic culture and history.

There are approximately 300,000 international students from 175 countries in Türkiye today. About 15,000 of these students are Turkish state scholarship holders, while others continue their education on their own. In İzmir, there are approximately 6,500 international students from Africa to Central Asia and from the Balkans to the Middle East, from Latin America to South Asia, etc.

İzmir International Student Association, while providing intercultural exchange, acts with the idea of bringing together the societies and keeping the differences as their wealth. In this context, recognizing other countries creates an environment for students to conduct research on the social and political structures of these countries. We organize international student gatherings, publish a newspaper prepared by international students, organize country presentation days, invite different speakers to give seminars on different topics, try to help students solve the problems they face in any condition, provide academic counseling, organize cultural tours and many other things. We work on education and training. We identify problems related to education and training, provide suggestions for solutions. We create database with these information. We try to make financial and moral contribution to international students in our city.

Mission of our Association

  • To host university students from abroad coming to Izmir for higher education
  • To contribute for the solution of problems encountered by our guests during their education and training

Vision of our Association

  • To strive to do the best in the area of international students
  • To take into account the social values, social and cultural characteristics of the regions from which our students come
  • To create an environment for people from different nations to come together
  • To help our students become individuals who work for the development of their own countries
  • To contribute to the spread of justice, rights and care for humanity