International Students Science Congress, which is the first one in its area of Natural and Applied Sciences in Turkey, invites all the international graduate students to participate. International graduate students from all over the world can also attend the event. We expect to see Turkish students besides the international students, being kept at a limited percentage.

You may submit your abstracts to the congress by e-mail until February 10, 2023 via the Submit Abstract link on the main page.

The abstracts can be either in Turkish or in English. Please designate the Topic (science discipline) of your abstract during submission. (For example, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, etc.) After this date, the review process of the abstracts shall begin. All the submissions are subject to peer review process. Abstract acceptance will be announced on May 01, 2023. The authors of the accepted abstracts can present their papers in the Congress, in May 12-13 May 2023. Presentations can be either in Turkish or in English. After the Congress, the abstracts of the papers that were presented in the Congress will be published in the “ABSTRACT BOOK”, in electronic format. On the other hand, a “PROCEEDINGS BOOK” will also be published in electronic form for the authors who want to extend their abstracts to full papers .

Both face-to-face and online sessions will be held in the congress. We shall offer the lunch and coffee/tea for our participants during the online sessions.

For those who want to participate online sessions, we will share Zoom links in the schedule.